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North Creede Flood Mitigation

This project has long been supported by our allies at Colorado Water Conservation Board.  In 2020, we will complete the letter for Map Revision of the floodplain, release an RFP for design of the North Creed Reach to address flood mitigation, stream bank stabilization, recreational use and install a working stream gage on Willow Creek.

Lower Willow Creek Floodplain

Lessons learned from the high water snowmelt in 2019 on the recently reclaimed portion of the lower Willow Creek floodplain has inspired a new approach.  We will be seeking to integrate all key criteria to create a single RFP and design for the entire reach of the lower Willow Creek floodplain to establish an ecologically functioning floodplain and accessible, welcoming community greenspace from the Town of Creede to Rio Grande.

Water Quality on Willow Creek

Our emeritus community organization, Willow Creek Reclamation Committee has collected data related to Willow Creek for more than 20 years. We will establish a single, integrated, public use, water quality data base with data from WCRC, CPW, EPA and more.  Analysis and modeling will enable us to better understand the impacts of acid mine drainage in the watershed from the Nelson Tunnel Superfund Site.

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