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Join us in preserving the wondrous night sky in Mineral County

Did you catch the comet, NEOWISE? Or the recent meteor shower? They were easy to spot in the night sky. HWA is delighted to share that we are working with the Creede/Mineral County Chamber of Commerce, Mineral County, the City of Creede and USFS in applying to the International Dark Sky Association for Mineral County to become a  designated Dark Sky Reserve. This effort will support the designation of the Silver Thread Byway as a Dark Sky Roadway and dovetail with Stargazing Colorado, a statewide marketing effort already featuring Creede (Google Colorado Stargazing).

International Dark Sky designation:

  • Promotes education
  • Protects against light pollution for generations to come
  • Prevents wasted energy on unneeded lighting
  • Increases the amount of astro-tourism
  • Helps animals like migrating birds, frogs, and insects
  • Gives us all a reason to stop, take a minute and look up at the inspiration of the stars

To the right you can see the map showing the Core Zones (in grey) of the proposed Dark Sky Reserve as well as the Periphery Zone (in teal), which is the majority of Mineral County (shown in a purple outline).

The International Dark Sky Reserve application is in process! You can help.

Preserving the night sky starts with you! Dark Sky friendly lighting doesn’t mean no light, it means friendly light! Here are easy ways to get started:

  • Turn lights off after 10pm, or better yet, install a timer.
  • Only turn lights on when needed – use motion sensors to save power and for safety
  • If you leave for an extended period of time (such as all winter), turn off your outdoor lights.
  • Select less bright lights, in warmer/yellow light (</= 3000 Kelvins).·      
  • Direct and shield lighting to illuminate the ground rather than the sky.
  • Kindly share information with neighbors and friends, including referring them to us for help in swapping out difficult-to-reach-bulbs.
  • Tell the City of Creede and Mineral County how important the Dark Sky is to you

Become a Dark Sky Astro-Ranger

Help us keep our nights dark by taking night sky measurements with your phone. More measurements ensure we have a successful application. Check back here for details. 

Stay tuned for upcoming stargazing events and volunteer opportunities. Also, as we measure the night sky across Mineral County, you are warmly invited to join. Check Facebook for upcoming times.

Show off our starry sky by sharing your night sky photography with us! We can use it in our application (with your approval) and give you credit.

Dark Sky Materials


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