Headwaters Alliance (HWA) has deep roots in the Creede community.  The brain-child of Guinevere Nelson, long-time director of the Willow Creek Reclamation Committee, HWA was founded in 2016 to support and continue the incredible work accomplished by the Willow Creek Reclamation Committee (WCRC) over the past 22 years.  HWA is proud to build upon the legacy of this small group of determined citizens who laid the foundation for community driven mining reclamation work within a community that loves its mining history. The work completed through volunteerism by the WCRC continues to benefit the community and remains an expression of dedicated stewardship.  And in turn, Headwaters Alliance honors this stewardship by seeking the pathways and projects that enable us to serve you – the water, mountains and community at the headwaters of the Rio Grande. 

As 2020 comes to a close, we look forward to next year. Donate this Colorado Gives Day, Dec. 8th, to help support our work.

Here are some of our exciting projects:

Comprehensive Willow Creek Watershed Planning Project

Headwaters Alliance is delighted to announce that we were awarded significant funds from both the Colorado Water Conservation Board and Colorado Healthy Rivers Fund to implement the Comprehensive Willow Creek Watershed Planning Project for 2020 - 2021.  This project will bring together a multitude of good folks - individuals, local government, environmental experts, agencies and institutions -  to identify, evaluate and share key criteria, enabling the implementation of cohesive, ecologically integrated and community friendly projects between and across reaches of Willow Creek. These funds will both build upon and incorporate all of the excellent work accomplished by the WCRC and lead to tangible outcomes.

The scope and scale of this project was inspired by the EPA asking us, the Creede/Mineral County community, "What is the community's desire for the Willow Creek watershed?" as well as at the suggestion of CWCB.  It is the intent that the Comprehensive Willow Creek Watershed Planning Project will enable our community's ability to answer the EPA's question and affect an optimal remedy for the Nelson Tunnel Superfund Site, while also addressing many of the other pressing issues within the watershed.

Willow Creek Watershed Map

Stewardship and Volunteer Programming

Partnership with our community lives at the heart of our mission.  We value sharing great information and inspiration from all the wonderful smart people doing this work, we seek to listen to our neighbors and create solutions that respond to real needs.  Stewardship is a mindset, to demonstrate caring for our planet through our actions.  We strive to offer programming and volunteer opportunities that offer rich opportunity for learning and action. 

Whether you want to take a better look at the Dark Sky of Mineral County or learn more about the Colorado Water Plan, snow science or plant trees, we have something for everyone!


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